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Adult Only Institute (2017)

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Adult Only Institute (2017)

Kategori: Film Semi, Romance

Release: Maret 14, 2017

Bintang: Yoo Ji-won , Kim Min-soo-II , Oh Joo-ha , Jo Wan-jin , Kang Han-na-I , Jeong Ho-yoon

Deskripsi: There is a man who is timid and shy but has a legendary package! Chi-soo is a repeater who gets bullied by his friends. However, he had a secret about his body that rumors wouldn't die down about... The secret was that he was the possessor of an outstanding package. Rumors about Chi-soo spread and all the women begin to desire him. Chi-soo who realizes what he has, takes revenge on those who bullied him by conquering all their women...

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