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Mr. Vampire 2 (1986)

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Mr. Vampire 2 (1986)

Mr. Vampire 2 (1986) …

Kategori: Adventure, Asia, China, Comedy, Hong Kong, Horror

Release: 15 agustus 1986

Bintang: Yuen Biao, Moon Lee ,Lam Ching-ying, Billy Lau, Chung Fat, Pauline Wong, Bowie Wu

Deskripsi: Archaeologist Kwok Tun-wong brings his two students with him in search of ancient artefacts. They stumble upon a cave and discover three geung si (Chinese "hopping" vampires)—an adult male, an adult female, and a child male. The vampires are immobilised because they have Chinese talismans with spells written on them stuck to their foreheads. Kwok brings them back to his lab and decides to sell the boy vampire in the black market.

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