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Trouble Maker (1995)

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Trouble Maker (1995)

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Trouble Maker (1995)

Trouble Maker (1995)

Kategori: Asia, Comedy, Drama

Release: 25 march 1995

Bintang: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ng Man-tat, Athena Chu

Deskripsi: Siao San (Steven Hao Shao Wen) is a mischievous little boy from a well off family, but he feels neglected by his father because of his marriage to a younger woman. After being punished by his father for playing a trick on his new step-grandmother, San decides to run away from home. Tat (Ng Man-tat) is a middle-aged High School grounds keeper who has a crush on a blind floral girl (Athena Chu). He takes advantage of her blindness by pretending to be a rich man who often buys her flowers only to give it back to her as a gift. One day while at the park, Tat is hit with a bat by a women chasing San for stealing candy from a baby. To retaliate, Tat uses the bat to throw at the women but hits a police officer instead. Both Tat and San fled from the officer and were forced to get familiar with each other to rid the officer. San decides to follow Tat after their run-in with the police officer and though Tat tries to get rid of him, San persists to following him home and even to the high school he works at.

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