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Widow Wetting The Mourning (2013)

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PERINCIAN FILM3 months önce Ago
Widow Wetting The Mourning (2013)

Kategori: Film Semi, Romance

Bintang: Sasa Handa, Tomohiro Okada

Deskripsi: Widow Wetting The Mourning (2013) sinopsis I am married to an elite financial man husband. When she was a child, she loses her mother and lives with her father for three years. Then one day, on the way back to the chapters, I came across the old lover by accident. He is actually a husband’s company boss and a married married man, Until Nana married, the two had an affair. The two of them eventually headed for the motel, and the hell started because of the father-in-law who witnessed it and took pictures.

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