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Yongju Valley (2015)

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PERINCIAN FILM4 months önce Ago
Yongju Valley (2015)

Kategori: Film Semi

Bintang: Jin Seo-hyeon, Joo Hyang-woon, Lee Chae-dam, Min Do-yoon

Deskripsi: Yong-hwa (Min Do-yoon) is a gangster from the Yongju Valley. He is harassed for money by Chairman Kang (Park Jong-hwan) and in the end decides to start an adult broadcasting system online. With sexy BJ Marshal (Lee Chae-dam) in the lead, Yong-hwa manages to get a tremendous reaction from the online viewers. BJ Bang-wool (Jin Seo-hyeon) becomes jealous of BJ Marshal and soon they start competing.

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